Since our inception in 1974, the leadership at Tru-Amp Corporation has been dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical engineering services available. Our capabilities include an expansive portfolio of maintenance, testing, and repair capabilities for virtually any electrical distribution system and related equipment. We have extensive experience with testing and servicing electrical systems in industrial plants.


How Tru-Amp Serves Your Industrial Needs

At Tru-Amp, we have worked with manufacturers and other industrial customers for more than 40 years to test and service electrical components within facility systems and machinery. We offer comprehensive testing, preventive maintenance, and repair services for the following types of components:

  • Cables
  • Circuit breakers
  • Control systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Switches
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers

We employ experienced electrical engineers, skilled technicians, and trained Level I, Level II, and Level III thermographers. We have a skilled electrical engineer on site for every project to ensure compliance with all relevant quality assurance practices and industry standards. Our service teams are available 24/7, allowing us to work around production schedules and other potential conflicts.

Unlike many other testing providers, our comprehensive engineering capabilities allow us to conduct repairs to resolve any issues we discover. We will get your electrical systems and equipment running in optimal equipment within agreed upon lead times.


About Tru-Amp Corporation

Tru-Amp CorporationTru-Amp Corporation maintains a staff of highly capable electrical engineers and skilled technicians supported by innovative solutions and equipment. With an expansive portfolio of field services, our preventive maintenance, testing, and repair capabilities help you create a safe and efficient operating environment within your facility.

Please contact us today to see how our testing and maintenance capabilities can help to identify and repair potential problems within your electrical equipment and machinery.

See how our testing & maintenance capabilities can help to identify problems in your complex electrical systems

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