At Tru-Amp, we know how important it is to have reliable cables and conductors in your manufacturing or production facility. That’s why we offer a range of cable and conductor testing services to customers across 26 states. 

Cable and Conductor Testing Services

Cables & Conductors

Cables and conductors are essential for the efficient and safe operation of electrical and electronic devices and systems. Our cable testing and conductor testing services ensure these components operate and perform as intended. They include ground resistance testing, insulating resistance testing, and DC high potential testing.

What Is Ground Resistance Testing?

In electrical systems, grounds create safe outlets for electricity to flow, minimizing or eliminating the risk of equipment damage, fire, and shock. Given their importance, it is vital to test them periodically to ensure they are working. The International Electrical Testing Associates mandates a three-year schedule for ground electrode testing, but annual inspections are often recommended as a part of regular facility maintenance programs. 

Our ground resistance testing services involve examining ground rods and their connections to verify they provide resistance within the acceptable range as per the customer’s industry and facility demands. 

What Is Insulating Resistance Testing?

Electrical systems use insulation to ensure current follows the correct course through a circuit. Our insulation resistance (IR) testing services monitor the flow of electrical current to detect potential abnormalities or failures in the insulation before it fails altogether and leads to expensive or dangerous equipment malfunctions.

What Is DC High Potential (Hipot) Testing?

This stress test measures the dielectric strength of a system’s insulation to ensure it can withstand high voltage levels. We apply voltage that is much higher than the system’s standard operating levels to monitor its reaction and ability to withstand the voltage safely.

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Routine cable and conductor testing helps protect your equipment, your employees, and your business. To learn more about the services available at Tru-Amp or schedule a service appointment, contact us today.

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