Tru-Amp is your go-to partner for comprehensive electrical testing and inspection services. We serve industrial clients across 26 states, ensuring that their manufacturing and production equipment operate safely and efficiently. Below, we highlight our protective device and system testing capabilities.

Circuit Breaker Testing Services

Protective Devices Circuit breakers play a vital role in protecting electrical and electronic equipment from damage caused by faults. Since they can experience a number of issues that affect their performance (e.g., damage to connection or short circuits), it is important to test them carefully and regularly to ensure they remain in proper working order. 

We offer testing services for low-voltage and medium-voltage circuit breakers. Our circuit breaker testing services verify the operation of each switch and the programming of the overall assembly, both of which are essential to ensuring the reliability and safety of the circuit breaker unit within the power supply chain. 

Other Electrical Testing Services

In addition to circuit breaker testing, we offer many other electrical testing services:

  • Ground Fault System Testing: Ground faults are short circuits that create an unintentional connection between a ground and an energized unground phase conductor. They can cause significant damage to equipment, start fires, and injure nearby persons, which is why many facilities install ground fault protection systems. Our ground fault system testing services ensure systems are working as intended so facilities can rest assured that they are adequately protected against ground faults. 
  • Motor Control Center Testing: Motor control centers are responsible for handling a wide range of functions and tasks. We test the system’s ability to safely carry out essential functions like starting and stopping the motor and shutting off power.
  • Protective Relay Testing and Calibration: Protective relays are safety devices designed to sense abnormal conditions in electrical systems and send a signal to interrupt the circuit to protect connected equipment. We test and calibrate them to minimize the risk of an accidental trip or, even more importantly, an inability to trip.
  • Acceptance Testing: Acceptance tests are used to ensure an electrical product meets the functional specifications outlined for usage scenarios. 

Repair and Retrofitting Services

Besides electrical testing, we also provide assistance with repair and retrofitting needs. We can retrofit circuit breakers and repair protective devices. 

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Regular maintenance is essential to both protecting your industrial equipment and keeping your systems running optimally. Whether you need help with testing, inspecting, calibrating, retrofitting, or repairing your protective devices and systems, the experts at Tru-Amp have you covered. We’ve been a leading provider of reliable testing and other electrical services for over 45 years. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule your appointment.

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