Infrared Scanning

Since our inception in 1974, the leadership at Tru-Amp Corporation has been dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical engineering services available. Our capabilities include an expansive portfolio of maintenance, testing, and repair capabilities for virtually any electrical distribution system and related equipment.

Our skilled electrical engineers and technicians can help you identify malfunctions and defective components in your electrical systems by conducting a comprehensive infrared analysis. We offer extensive experience in infrared scanning for industrial applications, allowing us to identify problems in your electrical equipment that may pose safety risks or lead to malfunctions.

The Tru-Amp Difference

It’s not enough to own the infrared scanning equipment. While many providers offer infrared scanning capabilities, the Tru-Amp team brings additional knowledge and certifications to the table that set us apart. We have certified thermographers with Level I, Level II, and Level III thermography certifications.

  • Level I. Certified Level I Thermographers follow stringent written testing procedures, operating various infrared cameras and software to identify patterns and anomalies in the equipment.
  • Level II. Certified Level II Thermographers may deploy multiple diagnostic technologies to help them find the root of an electrical problem. Level II technicians have extensive experience in infrared scanning and equipment troubleshooting, allowing them to recommend specific repairs.
  • Level III. Certified Level III Thermographers operate at a project management level, determining the best practices and testing procedures followed by Level I and Level II thermographers, as well as the criteria used to identify and rank problems with equipment. At Tru-Amp, our Certified Level III Thermographers review and approve all infrared scan reports.

Our Infrared Scanning Capabilities

At Tru-Amp, we have significant experience conducting infrared scanning tests on a broad range of telecommunications, construction, and industrial machinery. Infrared scanning measures excess heat produced by electrical components, helping to pinpoint malfunctions and safety risks. Infrared testing offers an ideal preventive testing method because it doesn’t require turning off the equipment. Downtime only happens if the machinery requires repairs or part replacements, ensuring that the scan itself won’t interfere with production or other activities.

Tru-Amp’s capabilities go beyond testing, as well. Our trained Certified Thermographers use Flir Thermal Imaging equipment to identify problems, but then our skilled engineers and technicians will also conduct any necessary maintenance, cleaning, and repairs without the need to bring in a third party. We adhere to ANSI, NETA, and other industry standards as requested by the client. Lead times for infrared scanning are agreed upon in advance of testing to ensure minimal interruption to customer operations.

Additional Services

We offer a variety of value-added services that complement our testing and repair capabilities. These include:

  • Cleaning
  • Equipment appraisals
  • Electrical engineering services
  • Encompass adjustments
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Retrofitting
  • Switchgear testing and repair

We can also develop, update, implement, and maintain electrical system schematics and drawings using AutoCAD, creating an easy reference tool for future work.

About Tru-Amp Corporation

Tru-Amp Corporation maintains a staff of highly capable electrical engineers and skilled technicians supported by innovative solutions and equipment. With an expansive portfolio of field services, our preventive maintenance, testing, and repair capabilities help you create a safe and efficient operating environment within your facility. Please contact us today to see how our infrared scanning capabilities can help to identify potential problems within your electrical equipment and machinery.


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